Some stories that we have are given, and some stories that we have had a hand in writing over the years. These stories twist personal narratives of ourselves by telling us who we are  and what we can accomplish. Together, we can transform these stories about yourself so that you – and no one else – are the true author of your story, and you can go beyond what others have laid out for you.

We all have stories that tell us who and what we are.

it starts with stories

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Make sure your relationship is prepared for the next big step. Confirm that you and your partner are on the same page with aligned values and matched visions of the future.

premarital counseling

Get to know your partner on a deeper level and work together through all of the issues that naturally arise when you share your life with another person.

couples therapy

The relationship you have with yourself has been largely influenced by the relationships you have shared with others–let’s heal it, so that you can lead your life the way you want to.

Individual Therapy

How I Can Help

Spend a weekend giving your relationship a fresh view. Develop the tools it takes to build or mend your relationship, heal wounds, and reconnect with your partner. 

weekend intensives

about me

I am Croatian born and raised licensed marriage and family therapist in Hermosa Beach, CA providing in person and virtual therapy to adults and couples.
I work with my clients on rewriting their stories, so they can live their lives by design rather than by default. I’ll help you rewrite the way you think and feel about your relationships with yourself, the world, and those around you.

In my practice, I incorporate narrative, psychodynamic, family systems, Imago, somatic, and attachment theory through a trauma-informed lens.

Nice to meet you, I'm Dora!

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"Through stories, we make sense of our experience and what is going on around us." But those stories aren’t usually realistic–they can be pretty biased. And often, someone has to be the bad guy or a problem in the story! It’s either us, the other person, or the relationship itself."

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