Coordinating two peoples’ schedules for therapy can pose significant challenges. It's hard enough even scheduling for one! Not to mention that sometimes the appointment is over as the good part of the conversation was just getting started. Intensives offer a more efficient way to accomplish a substantial amount of work, so that you can proactively address changes and get back to your life together. 

weekend intensives

Getting right to the heart of the issue

Whether there's a tough decision to be made, an affair or other breach of trust to be healed from, destructive patterns that are making you unhappy, conflicts that cannot seem to be resolved, inability to hear and see your partner for who they are, or some other issue you just can't seem to get past, couples weekend intensive therapy can help. Intensives are great to fast-track your therapeutic journey together, both on their own or as an introduction to regular couples therapy sessions. In a weekend, I'll work with you to reinvent your relationship and start to feel better about where it's going.

For when your relationship needs help, like... yesterday


Maybe you want to take an accelerated approach just so that you can get right to the good stuff! There's no big dramatic decision to be made, maybe you just want to grow closer and be better at being your partner's best friend. Or to deepen (or spice up!) your connection. Maybe you just feel a little distant, and would like to feel a little bit closer. Maybe you would like to understand your partner better so you know how to show up for them, and maybe you would like to learn how to talk to each other so that both parties feel heard and seen. You might want to develop tools to approach conflict or sort out some things from the past  that haven't been sorted out yet. And maybe you just need a weekend for yourself to deepen your love and connection.  

Taking it to the next level