premarital therapy

Future-proofing your relationship

No matter what a big commitment looks like to you, it’s important to equip your relationship with the tools you need to sustain it for a committed future. 

It's a common misconception (and easy to get confused with the name!) that marriage has to be the immediate next step to seek out premarital therapy. Actually, premarital counseling and therapy isn’t reserved for couples that are getting married in the next three months, it’s for any couple moving into a new level of commitment. 

Relationships that are prepared for sticky situations are that much more likely to move smoothly through them. With some foresight into what issues may arise and the communication skills it will take to work through them, I'll help you be prepared for a long, healthy, and happy future together. 

Moving forward, together


When you think about premarital therapy, you may think of some standard questions we might work through (think: the classic, "do you want kids?"). You may even have some of your own questions. Not only will I help you work through those, but also I will bring my own knowledge of what kinds of things you haven't even thought of, to deepen your emotional connection with your partner and empower you as a couple to have these kinds of conversations in a productive, meaningful, and connected way moving forward. You can't possibly be prepared for everything that might go awry, but we can work together so that you as a couple are ready to handle these issues when they come up.

Beyond the standard